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Att: Fan Star Staff.


As of February 2016, Fan Star will stop providing free domain names to our hostess and we will only provide free subdomains. If you own your domain, you are free to apply with it and you will enjoy all our features. If we own your domain and you keep fulfilling our requirements we will be happy to renew your domain to thank you for trusting us, but we will not be buying new domain names as revenew from fansites have decreased through the years and we will not be able to afford it soon.

Kind Regards,
FanStar Staff.

We have more domains for adoption:

– Without content:

  • Iansomerhaldernetwork.net
  • UltimateJonas.org
  • TaylorSOnline.org
  • EllieGouldingDaily.net
  • FifthHarmonyNews.us
  • UltimateToveLo.net

– With content:

  • Maroon5News.net
  • Madonna-Online.org
  • Nicki-Minaj.us
  • SelenaSource.us

Unfortunatly we will be banning webmasters that apply for a domain name and then they do no launch the site or just work on it for a month and then abandon it without even noticing us they will not be using it so we could put it up for adoption.

Since now own, webmaster who do not open their sites when WE buy their domains or do not notify us to put the site up for adoption will be banned from future applications. We are sorry we had to implement this rule but this cases are becoming more frequent.


We have some new domains up for adoption.

  • Selena-Online.net
  • DemiLovatoNews.net
  • Demi-LovatoOnline.com EXPIRED
  • Ddlovatodaily.net ADOPTED!
  • BellaThorneNews.net
  • Gaga-Magazine.net ADOPTED!
  • Kesha-Source.us
  • AshleyTisdaleOnline.net
  • PerryPictures.net
  • NickJonaNews.net

Please, we are investing a lot of money on buying your desired domain names, do not apply to later just abandon them and not even launching the site, domain names cost money and we are providing them for free, make sure you are really going to use the site before applying.


Fan Star wish you a happy new year, hopefully 2015 will bring us happiness and good moments with the people we love. Our 2015 resolution is bringing our hostess the best quality, so visit us shortly because we have some news coming up.